I am a stunningly beautiful, experienced, and creative Dominatrix and sadistic hedonist based in Los Angeles, but I travel quite frequently.

 At 5' 9" in stockings with an hourglass figure and endless legs, I am a vision of ethereal glory and femininity. My hair topples down in waves to My midback and My nails extend to a perfect length for torture and tease. My smile is welcoming and warm until the lights dim and suddenly you catch a glimpse of wicked delight as I laugh with pleasure- maybe with a torturous toy in hand. 


I feed off submission and desperation. I am always waited on, obeyed, desired, and adored.  I am a powerful and experienced Woman with an appreciation for both the darkly erotic and finer things in life.

I am thrilled by denial and in love with the depths of aching desire.

I hold a bachelor's and master's degree in psychology which I use to inform My practice of  BDSM. 

I am a versatile player and love combining My natural sensuality with My wicked love for pain as pleasure. I am both the haughty Woman towering over you with a greedy glint in My eyes and an otherworldly hypnotic and sensual Goddess you've only dreamed of. You'll meet as a gentle whisper in your ear precedes the swift sting of My crop. 

I enjoy the traditional arts of Female Domination along with creative twists and bespoke fantasies.  I am an avid fan of T&D , roleplay, humiliation, sensual and hypnotic domination, servitude, worship, forced fantasies, financial domination, and creative scenes. 

I adore exploring the darkest sides of submissive fantasies and the many forms of fetish infatuations. I indulge in most activities in the realm of Female Domination. 

I am a true Goddess, and My presence alone naturally demands submission. I am experienced and discreet. I love My craft and take it very seriously.

Now bring Me your aching desires and let a true Goddess take the reins. 



Erotic Hypnosis

Religious role play

Tease & denial


Sensory Dep

Heavy bondage

Scent worship


Hair Fetish

Nail Fetish



butler/maid service

Yoga pants worship

Wardrobe worship

Shoe, stockings, boots, etc.

Fetish indulgence


Dinner or other outings

joi, cei




Slave training

Cross dressing





Double Domme



Slut fantasies

Public humiliation



Vanilla friend humiliation

Cash meets







General corporal





Wrestling (fantasy)




Strap worship (no pegging)

And much, much more...






I offer in person and long distance Female domination in the forms of physical, financial, and psychological domination. I also offer meet and greets, outings, and, for a select few, domestic domination. Both dungeon sessions and public outings are booked hourly. I do not offer sessions which last less than 1 hour duration and prefer a minimum of an hour and a half. I enjoy subs, slave, fetishist and masochists who align with My interests. I believe the D/s connection is important to a pleasurable experience for all and am therefore very selective as to whom I will see. I do not post My rates publicly. I see individuals and couples, single women are eligible for a session fee reduction.


The following are services I book


  • Hourly Domination session 1-8 hrs (rates following application, tribute reduction for sessions longer than 2 hrs)

  • Meet & greet ($150 & location of My choice)

  • Overnights and multi-day

  • Date & Dominate (dinner, drinks, etc. + session)

  • Financial Domination (shopping, cash meets, online, etc.)

  • Domestic Dominance (references and prior meetings required)

  • Skype sessions (minimum 15 min booking for $100)

  • Selling of used goods


If what you're looking for is not listed, inquire.


I will not tolerate haggling. If your main concern is My tribute and not O/our chemistry/fit, look elsewhere.




I am based in Los Angeles, but travel within the United States and internationally frequently. When I am in LA, I primarily session out of The Chi Temple in DTLA.

The Chi Temple is a beautifully appointed and fully-equipped studio owned by Mistress Damiana Chi. This gorgeous and sultry studio is where I feel the most at home. While I do occasionally session in Van Nuys or Hollywood, The Chi Temple is My primary location and My preferred venue.

More information may be found about the Chi Temple here: www.thechitemple.com

When I am in the Bay Area, I session at the Black Thorn in Oakland. 

When traveling, you will be informed  of the venue during booking.


I will happily travel to you. you will be responsible for My flight, accommodation, and session rate.


I regularly frequent: NYC, Boston, DC, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and travel to at least three international destinations a year.




you MUST submit a contact form to be seen. I prefer you to have a reference and will require a deposit for all first-time clients. If you do not have a reference I will handle this on a case-by-case basis, but be advised you may be denied or asked for 50-100% of the session fee ahead of time. Those with references they have not seen in a while may want to reach out to their references to jog their memory before I contact them.  


I expect you to be polite, well-groomed, clean, shaven and free of cologne or perfume. you will be polite and address Me as Goddess unless I have allowed you the privilege of calling Me Mistress. you will be exactly on time- neither early nor late. 


Consent is absolutely mandatory at all times. you must ALWAYS respect My limits and body. Any crossing of My limits or behavior which makes Me feel unsafe or uncomfortable, such as inappropriate touching, rude behavior, or any activity for which you have not gained My consent, will result in immediate ejection without a refund. 




Doubles Available with

Veronica Vixxen


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Inga Larsson

LA , NYC, Nationwide, & international 

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Damiana Chi


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and all Mistresses from the Chi Temple