Scheduling a session

You must fill out a contact form. I will not see you if you do not. 

I rarely take same-day appointments from new clients.

I expect you to be well-groomed and clean.

I do not post my session rates and will not give them out unless I feel you are truly a potential submissive/client.

I will ask for and check your references.

A guaranteed and faster response may be obtained by sending a gift rocket to 


Where do you session?

In Los Angeles, I session at the Chi Temple in DTLA. There will be an additional fee if you would like to see me somewhere else in Los Angeles.

I travel very frequently.

When traveling, I session from a number of locations and I will let you know where when we have made an appointment.  

Do you take outfit requests?

Yes, but it is not guaranteed- especially when traveling or if you've requested a very specific or expensive item (you are more than welcome to provide these items though). If the outfit requested takes significantly longer to put on or is complicated in nature, there may be an additional charge.

Can I send you a gift?

Here is my wishlist: 

you may also use GiftRocket to - please only include your name in the note. 

Do you do doubles, vanilla friend, or multi-person sessions?

Yes! The more the merrier! 

I currently take doubles with Inga Larsson , Damiana Chi and the other members of the chi temple, My male partner (cuckold), other males & submissives, and Jenna, my petite, blonde (sometimes bossy) vanilla friend